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Anfi, Tasolan and Club la Costa Positive Results

Anfi, Tasolan and Club la Costa Positive Results

ACC and their partners are pleased to inform you of last week’s victories. The umbrella of ACC and ECC's lawyers secured eight results with a total amount awarded $139,043.

1st Court of Instance:

  • Club la Costa Paradise Trading - The judge dismissed the contract due to duration. We won the court costs. $28,577 awarded.
  • Club la Costa Sucursal - The nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information regarding the duration. M1 Legal also requested that a deed of the property be provided, this turned out to be another reason for nullity due to the defendant's inability to provide any registry information. This will be another reason to submit for other cases. We won the court costs $22,493 awarded.

There were also 2 positive judgements against Diamond Resorts.


  • Anfi - In this case, we lost in the first Instance due to Anfi cancelling the contract due to non-payment, we appealed the decision and we won. The judge stated that it is not possible to dismiss this lawsuit because it already had grounds for nullity. We also won the court costs. $32,874 awarded.
  • Anfi - In this appeal, again Anfi tried to argue that the client's contract was cancelled due to non-payment of maintenance fees. However, because the contract was already confirmed null and void, we won the appeal and court costs. $12,818 awarded.
  • Tasolan SL - (Partially Upheld) the reason for this is that the courts had reduced the price of the amount awarded following evidence of non-payment regarding maintenance fees. The court accepted nullity due to perpetuity (over 50 years). $22,290 awarded.
  • Anfi - In this case, Anfi appealed against the double amount paid during the cooling-off period but the court upheld the initial decision at the first court of instance. $13,624 awarded.

All cases will now proceed to the next step.

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