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Embarc Resorts was previously known as ‘Intrawest Resort Club Group’ until it was acquired by Diamond Resorts in 2015 (since acquired by Hilton Grand Vacation Club) and rebranded as Embarc Resorts.

Although the club was loved by the owners who had purchased there, many have recently complained about:

  • The lack of availability.
  • Increasing management fees.
  • Difficulties with the booking system.
  • Lack of customer service.
  • Lack of accountability since ownership was taken over by Diamond and then Hilton.
  • Lack of exclusivity – one member who had difficulty booking with his points was able to book the same vacation on Expedia.
  • High pressure to upgrade whilst vacationing.

If you have experienced any of the above, would like to exit your Intrawest/Embarc membership and want to explore your options to cancel your contract, contact us today, for free, friendly advice.

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