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Were you rushed and pressured into signing a contract for a Wyndham Vacation Ownership?

If you have sat through a presentation for Wyndham timeshare, firstly it may have felt like you were held hostage with presentations lasting up to six hours! After hearing the sales patter and all the perceived benefits, many owners were pressured into financing a Wyndham vacation ownership…even elderly people on a fixed income were targeted.

We hear from many Wyndham Vacation Ownership members who have reported that their decision to purchase was based on lies and high pressure from skilled salespeople.

Fees were not disclosed nor were contract terms. Lack of availability is usually the main reason that members want to exit a Wyndham vacation ownership contract. So is ever increasing maintenance fees, a complex reservation system and the fact that the lies they were fed on the presentation have become evident.

If you want to exit a Wyndham Vacation Ownership, contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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