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Holiday Inn Club Vacations (HICV) is owned by Inter Hotel Group (IHG), which lures people into a promotion vacation package on the promise of receiving free points for attending a timeshare presentation. People who take up the IHG promotion soon discover that they they are transferred to Holiday Inn Vacation Club.

After the realization that presentations made to them at the point of purchase are false, such as membership upgrades, fees involved, rates of increases for maintenance fees, that the ownership is a real property and they owner an sell whenever they want, the search begins to exit a Holiday Inn timeshare contract.

Anyone who has tried to exit their Holiday Inn Vacation Club timeshare contract has found that the company states they “may” accept a fully paid timeshare back if the owner is eligible for participation in accordance with their terms and conditions – which includes that all maintenance fees must be up-to-date and a fee to transfer it back to them.

This has proved to be very difficult for many owners who have then been referred to a third-party resale company -always involving zero guarantees and an upfront fee.

We only agree to take on a case with contracts at resorts we can cancel and can therefore guarantee your exit.

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