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Silverleaf Resorts are part of Holiday Inn Club Vacations (HICV, which is owned by Inter Hotel Group (IHG).

Following the sale to IHG, the previous Holiday Inn owner, Kemmons Wilson opened Orange Lake Resort and Country Club in 1982, which started with 372 acres, 32 villas and 1,872 timeshare owners who all bought a piece.

Over the next twenty years, the resort continued to grow at an astounding rate and acquired new resorts to the group (now known as Orange Lake Resorts) and also a new points-based product was launched.

In 2015, Orange Lake Resorts acquired Silverleaf Resorts, and by doing so doubled the size of the company and their inventory….and the problems that their members encountered.

We have received complaints from Silverleaf owners telling us about inadequate Administration services – one owner reported that he did not receive any notification that the property transfer was complete or any management fee bill.  His next bill included late payment charges with Silverleaf admitted was an administration error, although still continued to chase him for late charges.

Other owners have reported on failed promises that included always being able to exchange their week for another, no rises in maintenance fees and being badly treated by rude and dismissive staff.  Many have reported increased charges for bonus time and a lack of response when queried by owners.

Have you experienced any of these problems with your Silverleaf ownership? 

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