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Lack of availability with your Diamond Resort ownership? Increasing maintenance fees hard to keep up with?

You are not alone.

Disappointed owners have become frustrated at paying large amounts of money for their Diamond Resorts ownerships and not being able to secure a reservation. Adding to the frustration is finding that the rooms they are trying to book are available to the public on booking websites but not available to them, the member who has paid thousands of dollars for the membership.

Diamond Resorts owners have realized that the vacation dream they were sold was based on lies and are now trying to exit Diamond Resorts timeshare contracts. With the lack of customer service at Diamond Resorts, members who wanted to exit their timeshare contracts were directed to the Transitions team who demand $1,000 per contract plus transfer fees and up-to-date maintenance fees.

Since the purchase of Diamond Resorts by Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC), Diamond owners have been treated like second class citizens with preferential treatment going to original HGVC members.

If you have become disillusioned with your membership and would like to exit your Diamond Resorts timeshare contract, contact us to find out how we can assist you.

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