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Exploria Resorts have a range of family-oriented hotels and resorts throughout Florida, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Tennessee. The timeshare division, Club Exploria offers condos of various sizes that can be bought after sitting through a presentation that they state lasts for 90-120 minutes.

The company claims how easy it is to make a reservation on their booking system which shows all availability, packages and features at each facility.

However the feedback from owners paints a very different picture. Timeshare presentations at Exploria have been reported to be more than five hours long and no one was allowed to leave. As well as the misrepresented quality of the hotels, poor cleanliness and poor customer service, members report that they were told many lies and misleading statements at the timeshare presentation including:

  • The maintenance fees were fixed (23% increase since signing)
  • Open availability (most owners had trouble in securing a reservation)
  • Being informed about the ability to sell the timeshare back to the resort – which turned out not to be true
  • Not to worry about the maintenance fees as the property could be rented to cover the fees (this is true, but only if you don’t want to use the timeshare).
  • That the value of the timeshares would increase over time

One member reported being charged for fees that weren’t part of the purchase contract, but Exploria produced an Addendum which permitted them to charge for any fees, although his Addendum was not signed by the client nor had been seen by the client when signing the original contract.

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