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Club la Costa and Albatros ventas wins

Club la Costa and Albatros ventas wins

ACC and their partners are pleased to inform you of last week’s Spanish court victories.

M1 Legal secured 5 results with a total amount awarded $115,365.

1st Court of Instance:

  • Club la Costa Sucursal - This week we had 3 cases heard against Club la Costa. The nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information (property and when they could use it). Total awarded $57,774.
  • Albatros Ventas – The court confirmed the nullity as well as the interest accrued in the 14-day cooling off period. $31,382 awarded.


  • Club la Costa Continental - The Court of Appeal dismissed CLC's appeal following the initial judgement at the first court of instance in its entirety and ordered CLC to pay court costs. $26,205 awarded.
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