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Huge awards in Silverpoint cases

Huge awards in Silverpoint cases

We are pleased to inform you of last weeks Spanish court victories.

The legal team secured 4 great results, 3 of which were over our overall average amount, total amount awarded for the week was $171,581.

In a case against Anfi Sales & Anfi Resorts the Court of Appeal in Malaga has ruled in our favour and denied all points of Anfi's defense and they are condemned in costs. $22,999 awarded.

There were three cases against Silverpoint. In all cases the nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information (property and when they could use it). $31,738 awarded, $57,144 awarded and $59,697 awarded.

In addition to these substantive cases there was also 12 Jurisdiction victories valued at $290,674. All of these were against CLC apart from 1 against Diamond Resorts. The defense challenged the cases being heard in Spain. Five victories were the initial jurisdiction hearing, six were victories on an appeal. All cases will now proceed to the next step.

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