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Multiple Victory Week

Multiple Victory Week

We are pleased to inform you of last weeks Spanish court victories.

Our legal team secured 7 substantive results with the total awarded being $135,458. Four of these seven cases were against Club la Costa, with the contractual names being Sucursal and Paradise Trading.

In the four CLC cases the nullity of the contracts was determined by the lack of information regarding the property and when they could use it plus the duration of the contract. $24,238 awarded, $13,237 awarded, $22,025 awarded, $22,124 awarded.

A favourable judgment against Silverpoint was obtained, where he nullity of the contract was determined by the lack of information regarding the property and when they could use it and also the contract period. We won the costs and $17,893 was awarded.

In the case against Onagroup, the judgement was favourable to our client, however, two further contracts under company names club Estrella Dorada & Clubhotel La Dorada were not on this occasion. M1 legal will appeal this part of the decision. $23,591 awarded.

Our final substantive judgement to report on from last week was against Albatroz Ventas & Ecomar Continental where $12,335 was awarded.

Furthermore, there were 24 positive Jurisdiction results valued at $592,519. 11 jurisdiction victories this week were 10 Club la Costa and 1 Diamond Resorts. The defence argued that the cases should not be heard in Spain however, the judge overruled that they can, 13 cases were appeals on the last jurisdiction hearing and we won this too.

All jurisdiction cases will proceed in due course.

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