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Our legal team have won two cases in court against Silverpoint Vacations during the past week.

Silverpoint is a Timeshare group with resorts in the Canary Islands, Spain. We’ve represented two sets of clients in the courts this week against the group. Both cases were heard in Arona court, Tenerife. The contracts that had been provided by Silverpoint were found to be unlawful. The contracts lacked accommodation details such as what exactly the clients owned and when specifically they could have access to their units.

We are pleased to say that on both accounts our well deserved clients were awarded by the judge, totalling up to $41,786. Needless to say, our clients are happy to be flying free from their timeshares.

All in all, a prosperous week for the M1 Legal team. We hope to bring more great news to our victories page next week!

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