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The court of first instance in Fuengirola heard the case against Diamond Resorts Europe Limited.

This case was important, first M1 Legal won on the jurisdiction issue against the branch of the British company Diamond Resorts Europe Ltd.

Second, the judge declared all four contracts null and void. This includes also the first two contracts (2004 and 2011) that were substituted due to the last upgrade. The first two contracts were signed with two companies, which were absorbed by the British company Diamond Resorts Europe Ltd and the claim was against the branch – Diamond Resorts Europe Ltd Sucursal en España.

This means that it was quite a difficult scenario and the victory was a team effort from M1 Legal.

The main grounds on which the case was pursued was that the contract did not include the requirements of the law regarding the minimum content of timeshare contracts.

The court awarded $63,107 plus interest and legal costs.

A brilliant result from M1 Legal and congratulations to their client.

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