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Are you a victim of a timeshare exit company?

  • Did you lose the money you paid for timeshare exit services?
  • Are you still stuck with the expensive and inconvenient timeshare membership?
  • Are you concerned that your timeshare company may now retaliate for breaching their contract when you retained an exit company?

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Timeshare Advice Center can deliver genuine and trusted solutions to remedy the above problems being faced by exit company clients. We can also deliver a real solution for these same clients to finally escape those burdensome timeshare contracts legally. This time do it the right way.

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Since 2016, our group of companies have helped over 1,800 timeshare owners to relinquish memberships and ongoing financial liabilities. Along with our associated legal teams we have already achieved compensation awards amounting to tens of millions against major timeshare developers including, Diamond Resorts International, Marriott Vacation Club and more.

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